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Become a Star on InVidMe!

Only 10 will be chosen to have their own show! We are going to be super selective on who will be offered their own show, so make sure you impress us with your pitch and audition videos!

AND you get the opportunity to Earn Stock Options and get a piece of the pie early on! We will base this on your performance, so the more fans you bring to the platform, and the more they engage with your show, the more you earn!

Imagine if you had the chance to earn equity in Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Tik Tok when they first came out…

This is your chance to do that with a brand new video platform!

Download InVidMe for iPhone or Android, create a profile with a photo and at least one video. (We suggest to make more than one). We have a ton of characters and shows for you to choose from. Show us what you’re made of! Be creative and show off your personality!

THEN fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you if we like what we see!

If you make it through our application process you’ll join the ranks with Batdad who has over 10 Million Online Fans!

Tell us in 30 words or less and be as descriptive as possible! Make sure to include a genre (i.e. comedy, sports, music, news, talents, etc.)
i.e. https://facebook.com/yourusername

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