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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Interact with our characters!

On InVidMe there’s a character for everyone! Check out our lineup here:

Santa Claus

The Legend of Christmas is here!


The one and only online sensation!

Albert Einstein

A genius who invented many amazing things!

Dixie Dream

An exotic digital dream come true.

Donald Trump

The 45th Commander in Chief

Barack Obama

The Commander In Chief (Retired)

Wolfy Woof

The coolest and cutest dog on the block.

Rainbow Ruby

A fabulous Unicorn that’s thirsty for updates!

Annie the Analyzer

Doctor of Social Therapy

Princess Avelina

Heir to the InVidMe Throne

Inspector #Hashtag

The Brilliant Panda Detective

TwinkleMe Silly

The coolest star in the universe!

Zombie Zane

I want to hear and taste what’s in your brains!

Sergeant Scream

The baddest soldier in our headquarters!

Jack the Donkey

The Progressive Liberal Icon

Tusk the Elephant

The Conservative Republican Icon