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How Social Media Is Fighting Back Against Fake News

After the 2016 presidential election, the term "fake news" suddenly became a household name in America.  Politics and social media clashed in an epic showdown where both political parties blamed fake news stories in social media for influencing the election.  Democrats cried foul when evidence of fake Russian news posts appeared in Facebook's...

How Amazon is fighting Netflix in a growing video market

Last night at the Golden Globes, one of Amazon's originally produced shows took home the Best TV Comedy for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This is a great example as to how video content is no longer only being produced at Hollywood. Independent film studios and distributors are now taking a piece of the pie...

The Magnificent Seven Films that Sundance Sent To The 2018 Oscars

The 2018 Academy Awards nominations were recently announced and it's no surprise that many that made the cut premiered at the top film festival in the U.S., the Sundance Film Festival.  This year there were a total of 16 Oscar nominations that were Sundance supported films.  Now lets break it down by film: Get Out,...